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5 ways earn money easily in Malaysia

So, if you want to earn a tonne of money at the snap of a finger, here are 5 things you could do:

1. Sell your loyalty - Join the Opposition party, win in a general election and then demand for money from the ruling party to jump over. Preferably RM25mil or more, then you are all set for life.

2. Become a crooked, corrupted politician - other than demanding money from the ruling party to change your loyalty, you can always use your position to your advantage and milk whatever opportunities that comes your way. A great example would be to approve multimillion dollar projects and siphon off at least 80% as ‘commissions’.

3. Become a policeman - there’s no easier way than this since all you need to do is to stand behind trees at road junctions, jump out at unsuspecting motorists and demand to ’settle’. Each time could earn you an easy RM50 or more.

4. Install ultra clear CCTVs in hotel rooms - then keep all those clear images of couples in action. Burn hundreds of copies and sell them each at RM8 and you’d make a tidy profit anytime.

5. Alternatively, get a cheap video cam and go to secluded spots - there are always a lot of couples going at it in dark secluded not-so-public spots in bushes, behind rocks, in corners of the beach, at the park, etc so record those, replicate and sell.

Copy from: http://foongsite.com/index.php/2009/02/ten-ways-to-earn-money-easily-in-malaysia/

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